Birmingham St. Pop Up Park – BikeWest Submission

Maribyrnong City Council Birmingham St Pocket Park Proposal

Generally any increase in green space is supported by BikeWest and this applies to the Birmingham St Pocket Park.

Maribyrnong City Council Birmingham St Pocket Park Proposal

However, information provided by council in the FAQ section (1) of the web page describing the park is concerning and does not appear to understand the issues surrounding shared spaces for pedestrians and cyclists. The blanket statement that cyclists must give way to pedestrians and other park users illustrates a fundamental lack of understanding of cycling infrastructure networks.

BikeWest Proposal

BikeWest proposes to keep the footpaths on the east and west side of the parks and a dedicated 2.5m bidirectional path immediately to the west of the eastern footpath with the current kerb constituting the eastern edge of the bidirectional path. This would require moving 4 small trees. In addition, bicycle lane protectors should be installed either side of the bidirectional lane preventing pedestrians crossing the bike path in an unregulated and ad hoc fashion. Dedicated crossing points adjacent to the hall entrance, as well as the northern and southern ends of the pocket park should also be installed (Figure 4). Separating the footpath and bike path will provide good lines of site for both cyclists and pedestrians ensuring safe crossing and minimising conflict.

BikeWest Park Proposal

Bicycle Lane Protectors

Extensive development of parks and bicycle lanes in North America and Europe have led to a new generation of protectors and dividers that are sympathetic to green spaces and add to the amenity of the green space. Numerous examples are shown below.

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