Austroads is the peak organisation of Australasian road transport and traffic agencies.

Austroads’ purpose is to support our member organisations to deliver an improved Australasian road transport network. To succeed in this task, we undertake leading-edge road and transport research which underpins our input to policy development and published guidance on the design, construction and management of the road network and its associated infrastructure.

Austroads Guide to Road Design Part 6A: Paths for Cycling and Walking

All cycling infrastructure in Australia relies upon this document. It is a highly flawed document that pretends to espose the Safe Systme approach, in practice, makes it very easy for traffic engineers to design unsafe infrastrucyture but still align with the Guidelines. Part 6A also includes a safety audit checklist which we have never seen used. If it is, then it is ignored. The intersection of Dock Link Rd and Footscray Rd where Angus Collins died in 2023 would have failed this audit miserably. Anonymous tip offs from staff at the DTP said an audit was conducted buuut

There is talk of a new version being written but at present this is only speculation

The document is attached

Austroads Research Report AP-R562-18 Best Practice in Road Safety Infrastructure Programs

The existence of this document highlights just how far Part 6A is from best practice. This document highlghts the philosophy and rationale for the Safe System approach. It superficially rules out options that are recommended in Part 6A

Document attached