Authors and Researchers

In the past 15 years there has been an explosion in the amount of research into cycling for transport.

There are numerous key authors and researchers in this area (some of whom we know personally) and if you want to dig a little deeper into these issues, these people are the place to start

Rachel Aldred

Dr Aldred works at the University of Westminster and has done lots of ground breaking research into areas such as the Propensity to Cycle model, the cycling economy, the Near Miss project among many others.

Ben Beck

Dr Beck is a Monash University researcher and an inner west local. He has done lots of great stuff into local cycling conditions.

Andy Cope

Dr Cope is the Director of evidence at Sustrans in the UK. He does a blog and is across all things in the UK

Elliot Fishman

Dr Fishman is a Melbourne local who did his PhD on shared bike schemes and runs a consultancy the Institute for Sensible Transport. He pops up everywhere

Billie Giles-Corti

Professor Giles-Corti is another local and unfortunately she recently retires which is a great shame. She is the champion of better urban environments and how transport affects people’s lives. She was the lead of a Lancet Commission series

Stefan Gossling

Dr Gossling has done lots of economic analysis of different transport modes including a key paper, Transport transitions in Copenhagen: Comparing the cost of cars and bicycles and The Lifetime Cost of Driving a Car.

Ricardo Marques

Dr Marques is a researcher in electromagnetism but has moved into cycling research after being a key figure in the construction of Seville’s revolutionary cycling network. 2 members of BikeWest have been fortunate to have met Ricardo and been given a tour of Seville by him

Ricardo has published many articles about the Seville experience including How cycling infrastructure can promote cycling in cities: lessons from Seville and his recent book, An analysis of the role of cycling in sustainable urban mobility.

Peter Norton

Dr Norton is a transport historian in the US who is a vital author explaining the evolution of the use of roads and streets. He has published a couple key books including Fighting Traffic and Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving

He is quoted extensively in this article:

Lauren Pearson

Dr Pearson is a Monash University researcher and works with Ben Beck. She has published a couple of great articles examining cycling in Melbourne including Adults self reported barriers and enablers to riding a bike for transport and The Potential for bike riding across entire cities

John Pucher and Ralph Buehler

Pucher and Buehler kicked off the cycling research explosion with their seminal article “Making Cycling Irresistible: lessons from the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany” and their books City Cycling and Cycling for Sustainable Cities

These guys are cycling research royalty

Ian Walker

Dr Walker is a UK researcher who has recently done some great work around motor normativity. Together with Peter Norton they help explain how we can to be in the situation we are in today

Peter Walker

Peter Walker is a Guardian journalist who has written a couple of great books about cycling. Definitely worth the effort. These include Bike Nation: how Cycling can save the world, The Miracle Pill

Jan Garrard

Dr Garrard is a researcher at Deakin University and has done some interesting work in Australia about cycling including Cycling as a part of daily life and Impact of Statewide active travel campaigns targeting primary schools