Pipemaker’s Park

On June 24th 2020, Prez Dr John presented to Maribyrnong Council with BikeWest and Westside Cycle Club’s newest grandest vision for Maribyrnong. Let us know what you think.

WCC has a vision for a Community Cycling Centre in Pipemakers Park that is consistent with Cycling Australia’s Riding Centres and includes the following elements:

  • Shared Club/Community Space
  • Traffic School
  • MTB Skills Park
  • MTB Trials Park
  • Pop Up Café
  • Junior Criterium Track
  • Regular community events
a few of the building in Pipemakers Park

The proposed club/community space would be shared with the Living Museum of the West (LMOTW). The LMOTW has been an under appreciated and under resourced asset of the west and WCC plans to assist the LMOTW with their agenda of engaging with the community. A Community Cycling Centre would bring vastly more people to the LMOTW building, including school groups, thus increasing their exposure and relevance. The proposed existing Building 3 in Pipemakers Park is over 500m2 and thus offers ample space to share.

A Pipemakers Park Community Cycling Centre would also address some of the goals in the recently adopted Maribyrnong Bicycle Strategy including

  • explore opportunities for an additional learn-to-ride area in the north part of the city,
  • prioritise access to a pavilion space for a cycling club specifically encouraging female and junior membership
  • engage schools and community centres to develop programs to address cycling education gaps
  • promote events and publish programs supported
  • Support for people who provide opportunities to trial bikes and become familiar with bicycle riding particularly at existing festivals and events
  • heroes and champions: Initiatives from entities such as schools who wish to draw attention to the people who are riding.
  • support bicycle clubs: Strengthen the link into active Maribyrnong and club support, particularly women and juniors

The Pipemakers Park Community Cycling Centre would also be incredibly good value for money. WCC estimates the cost to be approximately $280,000 for all of the above elements. BikeWest and Westside Cycle Club propose that these are funded through the Maribyrnong Budget Process and any additional funds may be sought through the Victorian Government’s recent announcement of $68 million available to build and upgrade community sports facilities across the state. This investment is to support local sporting clubs, and create jobs and boost Victoria’s economic recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.